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Values Fresh from Minnesota

Our emphasis on polished professional service and high-quality, fresh ingredients is what has sustained our reputation for excellence. In everything we do, we strive for an atmosphere of distinction built upon the superiority of our menus, the integrity of our performance and the brilliance of our staff.

This tone is best served by a commitment to simple, honest and hand-crafted food, displayed in a classic, home-spun way. What we promise are experiences that astonish and please; what we hope for are memories you will cherish for years to come. Learn more about how we work.

Our goal is to provide the most beautiful, delicious, and stunning food experience as possible DELIVERED or PICKED UP!
We believe that the freshest ingredients need only a little push in order to make them extraordinary

This is a concept that is not lost on us. In the tradition of Italian and Japanese food preparation, we like to let our exceptional ingredients speak for themselves with only the most expert touches to capture each dish. Our menus aren't just about mixing it up, they're about choosing ingredients that are

in season, sustainable, and local. That's why we change our menu daily: to keep things fresh and interesting, and to make sure our customers are always getting the best. Take a look at our latest menus.

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Dawn Drouillard and Eden Fitzgerald

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